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This site is dedicated to anything related to the Binckley - Binkley family. Yes, any Binckley line is of great interest. More specifically, however, it is dedicated to the ancestors and descendants of Captain Christian M. Binckley. Captain Binckley was a Captain in the Pennsylvania Militia during the revolutionary war. He was born April 21st, 1738 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died June 21st, 1823 in Reading Township, Perry County, Ohio.

Christian's father was Johannes "Hance" Binckley Sr. who immigrated to the Colonies in 1736. Johannes "Hance" Binkley Sr. came to America on 16 September 1736 on the ship Princess Augusta sailing out of Rotterdam with Samuel Merchant as the Master, they were with three other Binkley males.

This site is an attempt to find descendants and ancestors of this family and to unite the researchers of these and parallel Binckley/Binkley lines. If you have a web site related to this family line or their descendants, we will gladly place a link. If you are researching this family, join our mail list so that we can more easily communicate and share our knowledge and raise questions to others that may know the answer.

Please take time to visit or sign our guest book sometime during your visit with us!

If you have questions, suggestions, information and would like to contact me, you may e-mail me, Rev. John D. Ashbaugh, PA-C, sixth great-grandson of Johannes "Hance" Binckley at webmaster@zionweb.org, or you may wish to contact all family researchers or share information with the researchers of the Binckley family by e-mailing binckley@zionweb.org, or you may wish to visit the Ashbaugh branch of my family at http://ashbaugh.zionweb.org

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