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Here are some sites that list Binckley - Binkley family genealogy. These sites are not necessarily dedicated solely to the Binckly - Binkley line but contain genealogic data on the Binckley line. We will gladly list sites containing this kind of data so if you have or know of additional sites, please let us know by going to the "Add Me" page. My own genealogy data is listed here and my listing of the descendants of Johann "Hance" Binckley is located at http://binckley.zionweb.org/binckley.

URL Site Title Owner
http://ashbaugh.zionweb.org/eschbach Family of Johann Hienrich Eschbach and Johann "Hance" Binckley Rev. John D. Ashbaugh
http://binkleytarpley.com Binkley Branches Sara Binkley Tarpley
http://binckley.zionweb.org/binckley Descendants of Christen Binggeli Rev. John D. Ashbaugh
http://www.genealogy.com/users/l/o/g/Donna-B-Lograsso/ Binkley Tree Donna Binkley Lograsso
http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ridge/6353/ Binkley/Binckley Eric Van Gilder
http://home.flash.net/~txcajun/pg03-Binkley.htm Ann's Ancestor Album Ann Davis
http://www.sineart.com/hersheygen/brian.htm Ancestors of Brian Nelson Hershey Brian Hershey
http://home.att.net/~kenderfam/AnspMain/surnames.htm Surnames in the Family Tree of JOHAN BALTHASAR ANSPACH Joel & Pauline Kenderdine
http://rlnissen.tripod.com/totx2.htm Nissen Family Genealogy Unknown
http://www.keeney.net/Mike/ Vincent/Keller - Hursh/Lewis Families Mike Vincent
http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/Peter_Binkley_Familly Peter Binklely Family Hulon Virgil Binkley Sr.

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If you have questions, suggestions, information and would like to contact me, you may e-mail me, Rev. John D. Ashbaugh, PA-C, sixth great-grandson of Johannes "Hance" Binckley at webmaster@zionweb.org (I gladly accept additions, corrections, stories and photographs or other information you may have), or you may wish to contact all family researchers or share information with the researchers of the Binckley family by e-mailing binckleyfamily@zionweb.org, or you may wish to visit the Ashbaugh branch of my family at http://ashbaugh.zionweb.org

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